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at Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, NYC

"Well, fuck."


Scott Hove at Hashimoto Contemporary.

Opening this Saturday, May 31st and Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, California is Scott Hove’s solo show, “Master of Rapacity.” Brand new, masterful taxidermy cake sculptures will be on full display to discuss the show’s theme which is the people pulling the strings behind the curtains.  In Scott’s words: “America is currently undergoing a very decisive and quiet transition to corporate oligarchy, the government becoming more and more acquiescent to corporate policy. Corporate policy is by nature rapacious, and could not give a fuck about nature or your feelings. So, I wondered what kind of art might be in an oligarch’s house… and then I made those pieces. I was partly inspired by Mexican cartel boss aesthetics, late Roman empire decadence, and regular old Americana. This imaginary oligarch is the Master of Rapacity.”  See more work from the show below:

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Prague (by ajwro)
at Madison Square Park


Aslan (Lion) by Selçuk Yılmaz

Six-foot-high, 550-pound sculpture of a lion made out of 4,000 pieces of hand-cut and hammered scrap metal.


Miguel Marquez.

Street art by Australian artist Miguel Marquez:

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